Good Afternoon! Today is a restart of our blog. The focus of this blog will be three fold.

The first intention will be to share stories about the work of community building and social impact efforts in Cleveland. There are a lot of wonderful organization and individuals who are creating change here in Northeast Ohio and we want to be sure to share some stories with you.

The second purpose will be to share insights about the practices of social entrepreneurship. This will include tools for social enterprises, but also tools for the entrepreneur. We believe that a healthy and happy person, creates more social impact than a tired and miserable one. We will focus on things that range from how to find your best team culture to financial projection models and impact metrics.   We'll also offer up the best banana smoothie recipe (we think!) and how to catch 5 minutes of rest in the most powerful way.  These post are here to support you in living your best life while changing others! 

Lastly we want to share insights from the global community, of innovative policies, practices and of a passion for the social change that doesn't just exist in Cleveland!  Bringing in the voices of change makers around the world, we'll highlight their work, the articles they write, The stories they make using the language of change we share. We'll discuss how might we better connect the work of those solving the same issues that plague society, no matter the location.

We will post once a week at minimum, but never on the weekend, because we'll be out doing something fun and assume you will be too:) We're back and excited to share some thoughts with you! 

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