1/2/2018: Changing your routines for a new year


Welcome! To 2018. To our brand new website. To a brand new you!? To making change that extends beyond yourself.  This is the strongest time of year for the narrative of personal change. You've likely run across a lot of articles, friends and family, who are speaking about the resolutions they have. Each year millions of us resolve, or read about how to comply with a resolution for a better self. There is a lot of value of assessing what you'd like to change in your life. Eat healthier, exercise, develop relationships. These are all crucial to living a full and powerful life. How often though, do you read or hear about people resolving to make change in their world? How often do we hear someone say that in 20-- they want to help get legislation passed? Do you know anyone whose set a goal of change making for the new year, that surrounds others?

As we enter 2018 and we think about our own well being, our thoughts also turn to what kind of change do we need. Who needs change more than we do? Who is searching for food? Fleeing to find shelter from conflict? What problems can we contribute to changing and in what way? Can we tie our growth to solving problems in the world and if so, how!? This thinking can be hard, as many people will suppress the focus on changing society until they themselves are in the "perfect space" to create change for others. In reality the "perfect space" doesn't exist, and while you're working on your, many other people are facing dire situations that your creativity, passion and focus could help alleviate. The question we are asking ourselves right now at the Co-Labs is how can we turn 2018 into a year where more Cleveland's feels at peace with their personal development, while pushing the envelop of social change forward. We know everyones path is different, but we hope that in this year, you join us in the dialogue and co-create the change we know needs to happen.  Lets figure out how to align the important vision of self-change & growth with development of social change & growth. We'll be hosting a series of reflections on how to be physically and mentally healthy in tandem with various series about the future of society, industries and the resulting factors that will need solving. Come,  join us, make 2018 the year you don't just resolve your own change, but you create something that lasts into 2019 and beyond! 

Adam Dunn