Collaborative Impact


We build capacity. Bringing Social Entrepreneurs and Professional Services together

  • Housed 16 businesses since inception

  • Partners with 14 different organizations

  • Over 100 connections & partnerships made


We Build Community @ the C0-Labs. you can meet, learn and grow with a global community of change agents  

  • Community of 8,000 change-makers located locally and around the world!

  • 40 local businesses in development locally



We build Programs to support Innovation:   Monthly opportunities to learn, grow and create change

  • Hosted International Change Series with representation from as far away as Manilla

  • Hosted 14 Social Impact Socials

  • 6 Design Breakfasts

  • 1 Brewery Launch Party

  • Hosted 15 local companies including The Cleveland Clinic, Dealer Tire and MidTown Inc. for team and programmed events